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Like animals? It is too hot now in a zoo. Like fine food? Ordinary restaurants are too boring! Why not go these amazing restaurants, accompanied by delicious food and air-conditioner.
There are many cute piggies, dressing in style. The most important is that all of them are tall and not fat, seeming like you won’t be fat after enjoying food here. This is a grill restaurant, serving pork, bacon and other vegetables as staples certainly.
Address: 26B, F/5, Pavilion A, Times Paradise Walk, Daping, Yuzhong District
Hungry Wolf Hot Pot
Cool wolf sculpture, humourous slogan, gorgeous fresco… When you walk in the restaurant, you can’t help saying “wow”! As the restaurant is called “Hungry Wolf”, the theme here must be fresh meat!?
Address: F/2, East 9 Street, Jiangbei District
Elephant In
“Elephants” here are white “Dumbos”, matching the simple decoration of the shop. This is a good place to have a simple meal or enjoy afternoon tea.
Address: F/2, Haiyi Garden, Paradise Walk, Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District
Kongzhao Panda Restaurant
Big and small doll pandas are so cure. Look! There is a doll panda without “dark under-eye circles”. This is a Sichuan food restaurant
Address: No.18-9, Paradise Walk, Jiangbei District
Zoo Coffee?
Zoo Coffee is famous in Chongqing. The most fascinating here are those animal elements, color painting and sculpture, which can make you feel relax. Banana chocolate latte is recommended.
Address: F/1, Zone 7, LIKELY WHARF, Beibin Road, Jiangbei District

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